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Frag Swaps

It is time again for another ETRC Frag Swap

(ETRC 2012)

Coming in just 2 weeks is the 5th annual Swap
Location, times, and day are the same – yea – date is different
The Saturday before Father’s Day – this year June 16th

Location: 8000 Middlebrook, Knoxville TN, 37909
Times: noon-4pm
Date: June 16th

Corals, dry goods, fish, and food too

If you would like to be a vendor and have not been contacted – shame on us.
Email –

If you would like to be a Sponsor – same email.

 Come see some great corals.  Corals for beginners and those that have lots of experience and special wants, I would say needs –but we all know better.

 Meet the folks, learn about the addiction, get started in the hobby and/or stock up on some good deals.  Maybe think about becoming a ETRC member.

 Aquatic Marine donating JBJ 28g Nano LED Professional








Coral Reef and Sustainable Aquatics donating a pair of Black Ice Clowns






Joeknowsreefs donating three coral frags — just one, an orange Emulation Chalice









Many, many, many more donations and tons of vendors good deals.



Frag Swap

Each year, ETRC proudly hosts a frag swap.  This annual event is the highlight of the year where we can gather together, along with members from the community, to support and expand our hobby.

What is a Frag Swap?
A frag swap is an event hosted by a club or organization where members of the reef community gather to buy, sell, or trade coral fragments.  There are many hobbyist like you that grow coral, and then sell any extra coral pieces they have.  Frag swaps are great because you can get good looking chorals from a low price.

What can I expect at the Frag Swap?
Frag swaps are great because of the people that attend them.  There are many people that come from all over to attend these events.  Not only can you get great looking corals, but you also get to meet a bunch of nice folks.  There are also raffles, presentations, and food at the swap.

How much does it cost?
We at ETRC believe that it should cost nothing to attend these events.  As a local reef club, we would like to support the community and its hobbyist the best we can.  We put on these annual events for FREE!  Although there are many costs involve with putting on an event like this, we have other ways to offset that cost.  We sell raffle tickets and concessions at the swaps to help offset these cost.  Also many of our sponsors donate items to help for support.  But admission and seller costs are will be on us!

When is it?
The annual frag swap is usually held in June of each year.  Specific dates and locations are available on the website a few months before the event.  So check back with us and save the date!

So please come Meet, Greet, and Eat!

*Additional information about previous swaps can be found in the front page under the frag swap category.


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